Using our consultation map

Step 1: Register

To give us your feedback on the project, you will need to register. Please provide us with your name, email, and postcode and tell us if you are responding on behalf of an organisation or as an individual.

You will be sent an email to confirm your identity. Please click the link in the email to confirm. If you are not automatically logged in please click on login.

Click here to view our GDPR Policy on how we manage data for this project.

Step 2: Login

Visit the login page and enter your email and password.

Step 3: Add your feedback

You can zoom and move the map around to the location you wish to leave feedback. We request that you leave your feedback at the location relevant to your comments on the project.

Leave feedback

Click on the map and a panel will pop out to allow you to leave a comment at that point:

Feedback panel open

You can select the ‘theme’ that is the closest match to the point that you want to make to us. If your comment doesn’t match a theme please select ‘Doesn’t apply to any of these themes’.

Type your comment into the text box. If you wish to provide lengthy feedback (greater than 1000 characters), please write your comment in a document i.e. Word and upload it as an attachment at the bottom of the page.

Click on ‘Add my comment’ to add your feedback to the map. Your pointer will appear on the map. This is important as your comment will not be registered unless you click here to send it to us.

Please note: You are unable to edit a comment once it has been submitted. If you wish to leave additional feedback please add a further comment.

Map Features

Masterplan outline and plot your location

You are able to turn the masterplan graphic on and off by clicking on the layers icon and selecting ‘Show masterplan outline’. You can also enter your postcode and plot your home on the map to see how close you are to the area (please note that locations further than 2km from the consultation area are not viewable).

Map layers open

Have your say

You can leave us feedback by using our consultation map or by filling in our online feedback form.

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Our consultation

You can find our more about our consultation here.

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